discipleship process

[ And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. - Acts 2:42 ]

Cypress Chapel is a body of believers and disciples of Jesus Christ who seek to follow His direction and mission through WORSHIP, HOME GATHERINGS, and rhythmic patterns of SERVICE and involvement in our community.  The central focus of our ministry is relationships - with God, with other Christians, and with people who do not yet know Jesus.
  1. Attend worship, with the goal to commit to regularly attend
  2. Support the work of the church, physically and financially, honoring God in the process.
  3. Be a part of a missional community (HOME GATHERING, DNA GROUP, THIRD PLACE).
  4. Engage in the planning process and leadership for their missional community.
  5. Step out and lead a missional community; begin training and equipping others to lead.

home gatherings

*Due to COVID-19, Home Gatherings have been put on hold for the time being. We look forward to gathering again in each other's homes in the near future.

Let's be honest: it's a little awkward for anyone, even a mature believer, to enter into a brand new group of people who are talking about things you know little about.  For us as missional communities (25-40 people), the driving force of what we're after in our primary meeting time is behaving like a family in a HOME GATHERING.  
  1. Low-barrier discussion about following Jesus: As close relationships are being formed in the HOME GATHERINGS, this time will also be the vehicle for intentional prayer for others in the group.
  2. Gathering around a meal: Great things happen around the dinner table and now more often than not, the most significant conversations & time for building relationships happen around a shared meal.

dna groups

To dig deep and seek out answers to some harder questions about God and our walk as Christians, we're encouraging individuals to join a DNA GROUP.  These are smaller groups of believers (3-5) of the same gender that commit to meeting outside of the home gathering time, usually weekly or bi-weekly for an hour to focus on:

  1. Discover: Hear from God's Word and obey what you have learned, following the BIBLE READING PLAN.
  2. Nurture: Repent of sin and believe the gospel.
  3. Act: Consider opportunities we have to share Christ and pray by name for lost people.
Each gathering will center on the "5 QUESTIONS" as put together by Greg Finke of Dwelling 1:14

  1. How did you see God at work in your life this week?
  2. What has God been teaching you in His word?
  3. What kind of conversations are you having with pre-Christians?
  4. What good can we do around here?
  5. How can we help you in prayer?
DNA GROUPS are currently meeting weekly through Zoom and in person.

Women's Groups (through Zoom): Wednesday (8pm),  & Thursday (9:30am)
Men's Groups: Wednesday (8pm, Zoom), Saturday (9am, in person)

third place

We think that it's important for those connected with CYPRESS CHAPEL to have a neutral space to go to that isn't a worship service, weekly home gathering or dna group.  We want our community to see and relate to Christians in a natural and relaxed environment.  They need to feel that your group really enjoys being together.

In a similar way, in CYPRESS CHAPEL we need to be invested in a third place as a way to cultivate our mission together as a community. The key to a third place is that we are intentionally creating a place for our unchurched friends to become a part of our community. Some of these opportunities include: participating in story time at the local library, organizing game or movie nights at their homes, being involved in your neighborhood HOA, PTO, or youth sports leagues.

We hope many see CYPRESS CHAPEL as a community that they can belong to before they believe so that they may hear the gospel from our lips, see it changing our lives and believe in Jesus as he moves in them.