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As a satellite ministry of St. John Lutheran Church, we welcome you to worship at Creekwood Grill with CYPRESS CHAPEL.

Creekwood Grill
12710 Telge Rd Cypress, TX 77429

For more information about joining a home gathering, dna group or third place activity, contact us at

pastoral care

[ above all, love one another deeply. 1 Peter 4:8 ]

The first place to seek out care is in and through your missional community MISSIONAL COMMUNITY (home gathering & dna group). As needs arise for prayer, support, encouragement and assistance first reach out to your MC and others in your group, who are there to serve as your extended family in the Christian faith.

For questions about official acts such as BAPTISMS, WEDDINGS and FUNERALS or to request a VISIT with our pastor or leaders, please contact Cypress Chapel

call us when...

Please remember to contact CC as soon as possible when any of the following takes place, so that your church can minister to you and your family:

  • birth of a baby
  • moving to a new address (near or far)
  • sickness at home
  • hospitalization (even a day or two)
  • need for counsel in making difficult decisions, or trouble with child or marriage
  • you wish a visit from a leader
  • you want to know more about the Christian faith
  • you cannot attend a scheduled meeting to which you are expected
  • your contact information changed (phone, email)
  • you or someone you know is interested in CC
  • you want to get involved
  • family member is dying or has died
  • special prayer request
  • you have a question about ANYTHING at Cypress Chapel