family devotions

Each week, CYPRESS CHAPEL will provide you with a devotion to center additional thoughts around the lesson that was shared on Sunday. Feel free to share them with friends!

Why are family devotions important? The hope of CYPRESS CHAPEL is that parents and kids are able to openly talk about their faith with each other.

wordly matters

november 29 weekly devotion

Give us today our daily bread. Matthew 6:11

 To leave business and time out of prayer is to leave religion and eternity out of it. He who does not pray about worldly matters cannot pray with confidence about spiritual matters.

He who does not put God in his struggling toil for daily bread will never put Him in his struggle for heaven. He who does not cover and supply the needs of the body of prayer will never cover and supply the needs of his soul.

Both body and soul are dependent on God, and prayer is but the crying expression of that dependence.

Prayer: Almighty God, my body and my soul yearn for You. I praise Your name for supplying my earthly and my spiritual needs. Amen.

This devotion is taken from The Power of Prayer by Christian Art Gifts (Devotion for March 12).

a note for parents

[ sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from HIM - Psalm 127:3 ]

If you read Psalm 127 in its entirety, it speaks of the blessings God provides--home, security, food, and children. In particular, children are referred to as a heritage--gifts not possessions. And entrusted with these gifts, parents become stewards.

What an awesome responsibility to nurture--to feed, nourish, sustain, maintain, cherish, and provide for these gifts from God. As parents provide for their material needs, it is essential that we also take into consideration their spiritual needs. It is indeed the work of the Holy Spirit to plant faith in the hearts of our children and to cause that faith to grow. But it is also an awesome privilege to be an instrument of the Holy Spirit, to hear the splash of baptismal water, and to trust in God's loving care and direction for our children as they grow.

This note today is taken from Baby Jesus Visits the Temple by Alice Earnheart Maas.