bible reading plan

january - february teaching series


When people live in community moved by the gospel and marked by the Spirit, great things happen.
They commit to one another. They grieve together, sing together, eat, pray, and play together. They love, serve, honor, encourage, and provide for each other gladly. And they live on mission together.
Hearts are healed, walls come down, and outsiders come in. No competition. No pretense. No vain conceit. Just full hearts breaking bread and giving freely.

It is nothing short of amazing.

Most of us live in a shadow of what God intended for us. Life in Community calls us into the light. Reclaiming Scripture’s stunning vision of gospel-centered community, it inspires us to live in love unbounded. Read it, live it, and join the movement: Help unleash the power of extraordinary community.

Our Sunday morning teaching and weekly Men's and Women's DNA groups will use the study resources provided at the end of the book.

january 10 | forming community

january 17 | your place at the table

  • What do you normally substitute for community? 
  • What personal barriers have you created to community? 
  • What unhealthy ways have you processed loneliness in your past? 

"Communities centered on the gospel fly in the face of isolation and yet convey the grace-filled inclusion that we so desperately desire. These communities bring with them the answer the world is hungry for. It is a community that invites others to feast at the Lord's Table" (Life in Community, p.29).

Ephesians (2:18-22); Romans 1-11; Genesis 2-3; Psalm 102
  • What scares you the most about living in community?
  • What are some advantages to not living in community?
  • What attracts you most to living in community?

"The table is not a table for one. It's an enormous banquet table where God Himself invites all to come and dine" (Life in Community, p.69).

Philippians (2:1-11); Hebrews; John 17; 1 Corinthians 12; Psalm 49

january 24 | no masks allowed

january 31 | love, like & honor

  • Where are you the most tempted to put on a mask?
  • What part of your heart does God need to change to help you become more honest?
  • What are the pros of being completely honest in community? the cons?

"The depth believers experience with one another is linked directly to their level of honesty. Any relationship built on the facade of lies will surely crumble over time" (Life in Community, p.90).

1 John (4:1-8); Galatians; Matthew 7; 1 Corinthians 13; Psalm 97
  • What person do you struggle being positive about? 
  • Who do you need to speak more directly to?
  • What is the biggest change God has made in you over the year?

"Biblical encouragement uses your words to point out examples of God's goodness in another person's life"
(Life in Community, p.107).

Romans 12-16 (12:3-16); Proverbs 18; Hosea; Psalm 130

february 7 | meeting needs & pursuing hospitality

february 14 | do something & start new

  • What trial are you currently experiencing?
  • How can your group help?
  • What is God changing in you through the challenge?

"If we believe in the Gospel, then we don't have to pray about helping those in our community with their needs" (Life in Community, p.140).

James (1:1-18); John 16; Ruth; 1 Thessalonians; Revelation 20-21; Leviticus 19; Acts 2; Luke 12; Psalm 139
  • Who models hospitality well?
  • What do they do that you admire most?
  • What resources do you have that you struggle the most to share?

"Grace-driven effort, coupled with an accurate perspective of what gospel community is about, changes everything" (Life in Community, p.168).

1 Peter (4:7-11); Hebrews 13; Luke 9-10; Psalm 98